Face to Face Java Interview Series 51

Face to Face Java Interview Series 51

This was final round of interview with the team for Sr. Software developer role in BNP Paribas:

1st round:

1. What is prime brokerage and how it works
2. Who was doing settlement of trade in wells Fargo
3. What is Calypso what they do
4. What is security risk lending how it works
5. How DTCC Reporting works
6. How any brokerage house do the settlement
7. Equity Trading, Trade Clearance, Firm Inventory, Securities lending and Client monitoring services.
8. What regulatory reporting (CTFC, EMIR, Dodd Frank, MiFID)
9. What is OTC, listed and cash products

2nd round:

1. What is collectors in JAVA 8
2. What are new functionality is available in JAVA 8
3. What is LAMBDA how you use it
4. What improvement has been done with JAVA 8
5. What are parser in XML which you have use so far
6. How you convert XML to Java vice versa. Which tool you have used
7. Have you work on multithreading can you give me some example
8. What is difference between where and having clause
9. What is channel in IBM MQ
10. How do you create channel in IBM MQ
11. What are all collection API are there in Java
12. Which one you have so far

3rd Round:
1. Can you tell me list of API you have used from collection java
2. Let’s say we have very large collection where we need to do search which collection you will use
3. Which one is better Arraylist OR LinkedList
4. Which collection in Java don’t allow null value — Set Interface do allow null value only its implementation i.e. TreeSet doesn’t allow null value. Code compiles and at runtime it throws NullPointerException.
if (key == null)
throw new NullPointerException();
5. Let’s say you have very large table and query performance is very slow. What you will do improve it performance.
6. What are annotation you have use in spring. Can you name some of them
7. What @configuration annotation does
8. What are others tag are there and what @respository tag does
7. What other technology you have used from spring
8. What is the main feature of Spring
7. How did you integrated Hibernate with Spring
8. How did you handle transaction in spring
9. How did you you handle phantom read

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