AngularJS Drop Down Spring MVC JSON

AngularJS Drop Down Spring MVC JSON

This demo you will see how to populate select box drop down list using AngularJS and here we will use Spring MVC with JSON where data will be populated using body onload.

Summary: To populate data in drop down list you will have to create and iterate list as below:

Detail steps:

  • Create maven project name: PopulateComboBoxAngularJS
  • Final project structure will look as below:

2014-10-08 17_55_45-Java EE - PopulateComboBoxAngularJS_src_main_webapp_WEB-INF_jsp_dropDown.jsp - E

  •  dropDown.jsp:



  • Download project and run on tomcat server. You will see below output:

2014-10-08 17_59_37-AngularJS Drop Down Spring MVC JSON

For more information please visit AngularJS API site here

download  Download Project: PopulateComboBoxAngularJS


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