AutoSys Alias Details Example

AutoSys Alias Details Example

If you use AutoSys frequently it is better to create alias for all frequently used commands so that every time you don’t need to type full commands get details. If you create Alias you could use this as shortcut whenever you want to use it. Below I have created AutoSys alias which people use frequently. Please set this alias on Unix command as below:

Let’s say if you want to set alias jrd=’autorep -dJ ‘ –> Login to the Unix box source to your AutoSys shell then use below:

$ alias jrd=’autorep -dJ ‘

Same as above please use below alias:

Set global value:

  • alias ag=’sendevent -E SET_GLOBAL -G ‘

See global name of all job with status

  • alias agr=’autorep -G ALL’

Force start job:

  • alias fsj=’sendevent -E FORCE_STARTJOB -J’

Start job:

  • alias sj=’sendevent -E STARTJOB -J’

Change job status STARTING:

  • alias jcsb=’sendevent -E CHANGE_STATUS -P1 -s STARTING -J ‘

Change job status FAILURE:

  • alias jcsf=’sendevent -E CHANGE_STATUS -P1 -s FAILURE -J ‘

Change job status INACTIVE:

  • alias jcsi=’sendevent -E CHANGE_STATUS -P1 -s INACTIVE -J ‘

Change job status RUNNING:

  • alias jcsr=’sendevent -E CHANGE_STATUS -P1 -s RUNNING -J ‘

Change job status SUCCESS:

  • alias jcss=’sendevent -E CHANGE_STATUS -P1 -s SUCCESS -J ‘

Change job status TERMINATED:

  • alias jcst=’sendevent -E CHANGE_STATUS -P1 -s TERMINATED -J ‘

Find job dependencies of existing job:

  • alias jd=’job_depends -c -J ‘

Remove job from HOLD:

  • alias jfh=’sendevent -E JOB_OFF_HOLD -P1 -J ‘

Remove job from ICE:

  • alias jfi=’sendevent -E JOB_OFF_ICE -P1 -J ‘

Kill existing job:

  • alias jk=’sendevent -E KILLJOB -P1 -J ‘

Put job on HOLD:

  • alias joh=’sendevent -E JOB_ON_HOLD -P1 -J ‘

Put job on ICE:

  • alias joi=’sendevent -E JOB_ON_ICE -P1 -J ‘

See job details:

  • alias jr=’autorep -J’

Genarate details report of the job:

  • alias jrd=’autorep -dJ ‘

Check AutoSys deployed machine status:

  • alias jrm=’autorep -M ‘

See full job details:

  • alias jrq=’autorep -qJ ‘

Generate summary report:

  • alias jrs=’autorep -sJ ‘

Find job using its Global name:

  • alias lg=’autorep -G’

Check AutoSys deployed machine status:

  • alias mr=’autorep -M’

Send event shortcut:

  • alias se=’sendevent -E’

To see history of commands used:

  • alias h=history

To see job success or on ICE:

  • alias honk=’jr JavaHonk_Box -w | egrep -v ” SU | OI “‘

To see job success or on ICE:

  • alias honkpre=’jr JavaHonk_PostPNL_Box -w | egrep -v ” SU | OI “‘

For more details please visit CA documentation here

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