AUTOSYS use window box Create update delete jobs

AUTOSYS use window box Create update delete jobs

In this tutorial you will see how to Create, Update and Delete jobs using window box. If you are aware of doing this process in Linux boxes then process are same. Only requirement is AUTOSYS client should be installed on window boxes to use.


  • First check if AUTOSYS client is installed on window or now. To check login to the window box and search for “AutoSys Job Scheduler” and to check this click start –> All Programs –> You will see in menu “AutoSys Job Scheduler version number”. Other wise go to your C:\ OR D:\ drive and search “AutoSys” if its installed you will find in your search result. In my case, I have installed in D:\ drive and it shows below:

D:\AutoSys 11.x –> 11.x is its version number. Inside this you will see multiple instance of client of different servers.

  • To open new command prompt for any of the AUTOSYS instances click Start –> All programs –> “AutoSys Job Scheduler version name”
    –> Autosys Command Line –> You will many server instances clients click any one of them to open new command prompt to execute AUTOSYS on that server instance. Once you will click that you will see new command prompt will be open as below: (Type autorep command to see if its enabled or not and if it’s enabled you will see details of its commands)
  • D:\AutoSys 11.x>

  • Now you are ready to use AUTOSYS
  • If you want to crate new job first create jil file sample is below:

  • Save this file to somewhere on the window box as *.jil or *.txt does not matter (Note: In single *.txt file or *.jil file you could include multiple jobs). For this i have saved my file TestMeOut.txt and executed below command:

Note: You should have proper access to execute the job otherwise you will get exception below:

If you see above exception while executing AUTOSYS job then you will have to raise request to add your id to whatever g
That’s it.

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