Caused by java io FileNotFoundException class path resource

Caused by java io FileNotFoundException class path resource

Often time while working with Eclipse and Spring framework you will see below exception. It does not matter either your eclipse class path setup properly or previously was working fine:

Solution: File not found in class-path exception happens:

  • If you clean you application in eclipse
  • If you are using maven for project management and update all jar forcefully
  • If you deleted all jars and included again in project path
  • If you took full clean build

This seems to be bug in eclipse not sure what other version this bug is there where eclipse clean all class-paths setting during project clean (In my case I was using Kepler). To fix this issue you will have remove all class-path –> Right click project –> Properties –> Java Build path –> Source tab –> Select all Source folders on build path –> Click Remove –> Click OK

  • Again follow the same process to add all properties in the class-paths

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