Connect Oracle Database Command Prompt

Connect Oracle Database Command Prompt

If you are using Oracle database and want to connect Oracle database from command prompt please follow below steps:

Important: Based on your operating system Oracle client either 32bit OR 64 bit should be installed.

Before execute on command prompt below should be handy:

  • Oracle database user name, password and TNS (Database name)

Open your command prompt execute below command:

Ex 1: sqlplus username/password@[//]host[:port][/service_name]

Ex 2: sqlplus atlas_owner1/atsNYT01@atsnyt01 @drop_all_cleanup_db.sql

Example: If you want to execute below script using command prompt:

sqlplus owner1/pass01@tnsdatabasename01 @drop_all_cleanup_db.sql

  • Below is sample screen shot:

Connect Oracle Database Command Prompt

  • ¬†For more information please follow oracle documentation here

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