Core java interview questions miscellaneous

Core java interview questions miscellaneous

Introducing Core java interview questions miscellaneous and this is last series of core java interview questions where we could not categorize this in our previous interview question series. These are also frequently asked in core java interview.

1. What restrictions are placed on the values of each case of a switch statement ?
2. What is the difference between an if statement and a switch statement ?
3. What is meant by pass by reference and pass by value in Java ?
4. What are the differences between == and .equals() ?
5. What is the Java API ?
8. What is the difference between a while statement and a do statement ?
9. What is a native method ?
10. In System.out.println(), what is System, out and println ?
11. How does Java handle integer overflows and underflows ?
12. What type of parameter passing does Java support ?
13. What do you understand by numeric promotion ?
14. How can one prove that the array is not null but empty ?
15. What is Dynamic Binding ?
16. What is object cloning ?
17. What is the most important feature of Java ?
19. What is a pointer and does Java support pointers ?
21. What is difference between Path and Classpath ?
24. Can a source file contain more than one class declaration?
25. I don’t want my class to be inherited by any other class. What should I do ?
26. What is the % operator ?
27. Which class is extended by all other classes ?
28. Which non-Unicode letter characters may be used as the first character of an identifier ?
29. How many bits are used to represent Unicode, ASCII, UTF-16, and UTF-8 characters ?
30. What restrictions are placed on the location of a package statement within a source code file?
31. What are order of precedence and associativity, and how are they used ?
32. Which characters may be used as the second character of an identifier, but not as the first character of an identifier ?
33. Is the ternary operator written x : y ? z or x ? y : z ?
34. How is rounding performed under integer division ?
35. What are the legal operands of the instanceof operator?
36. What happens when you add a double value to a String?
37. What is the difference between the prefix and postfix forms of the ++ operator?
38. Which Java operator is right associative?
39. Can a double value be cast to a byte?
40. Can a byte value be cast to a double?
41. What is the difference between a break statement and a continue statement?
42. Can a for statement loop indefinitely?
43. What is the difference between the >> and >>> operators?
44. What is difference between object oriented programming language and object based programming language?
45. Can you have virtual functions in Java?
46. What is covariant return type?
47. Are reusable software components written in the Java programming language, designed to be manipulated visually by a software development environment, like JBuilder or VisualAge for Java ?
48. What is package?
49. Do I need to import java.lang package any time? Why ?
50. What is stack and queue ?
51. What is late binding and early binding in java ?
52. What is shallow comparison and deep comparison ?
53. What is lazy loading in Java initialization on demand holder ?
54. What are the different ways to create an object ?
55. How you load the class. What is the mechanism to load the class ?
56. What is volatile variable and why, how it is use in java. Including tell me the details of transient variables also ?
57. What is weak loading ?
58. What is weak hashing ?
59. How can we send the POST request from normal java program ?
60. What are java beans and how different from normal java classes? Can a normal java class can be a bean ?
61. What new functionality you have used from JDK 1.5


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