Database Interview Series 1

Database Interview Series 1

This is real time Database Interview Series 1 questions for your next interview preparation.

It’s very easy to get confused in interview without brushing up your technology. Any java interview or J2EE interview for developer role, interviewer starts with question from Java then slowly moves on their project related question and if time permits they will ask some advance questions of theirs choices.

We do always need database to build application. Most java interview you will face some question on database as well based on their project needs and interviewer choices.

Below database interview question are real time Database Interview questions which has been asked from different company and development experience starts from 2 years to 15 years.

  • What is trigger
  • What is primary and foreign key
  • What is the difference between where and having clause
  • What is group by and order by statement
  • What is data base normalization
  • What is stored procedure
  • What is the difference between statement and prepared statement
  • What is the difference between inner and outer join
  • How many joins are there in Oracle
  • What is index and what is the use of Indexing in database
  • How you create index in database
  • What is trigger in data base
  • Fire query to fetch first and last Sunday in the table
  • What are four types of driver is there
  • How do you find the second highest record from the database
  • How you do the pagination
  • What is self join
  • How to find duplicate record in table
  • How will you call the stored procedure
  • What is callable statement
  • What is process of calling the stored procedure
  • How do you call the data which stored procedure is taking 3 input and 3 output parameter
  • What do you mean by distinct in database
  • Inner join, outer join, right outer join, left outer join and full join make sure if they have Sybase ka request, keep in your mind Sybase syntax, if oracle then oracle ka syntax or DB2 ka syntax
  • Aggregate function, group by clause order by clause, can we use it together?
  • If you are shooting a query and its returning 1000 records how will you handle this kind of senario,multiple system is communicating to each other how will you make something like centralize, just create a centralize queue for them let them communicate by this, make sure if the central channel fail all system will go down to overcome from this problem, just scale the centralize queue horizontally, in other words create another instance of it
  • How to create schema in database
  • What is self join?
  • How to find the duplicate recorded in a table in database. How do you find the second highest record from the table?
  • How do you find the nth highest record from the table


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