Database Interview Series 3

Database Interview Series 3

This is Database Interview Series 3 and most frequently asked question on any Java Developer and Sr. Java Developer position:

1. We have table employee with column: id,name and table addresses column: id,location and mapping table employee_address with column: emp_id,add_id which is reference of employee and person table. How you will join two table and get data can write SQL query ?
Answer: Select * from employee e inner join person p on = join employee_person ep on ep.per_id = and ep.emp_id =

2. Find first and last record from table ?
Answer: select max(id) as maxID_minID from employee union select min(id) from employee

3. How do you find the second highest record from the database ?
Answer: select max(id) from employee where id not in (select max(id) from employee)

4. How to find duplicate record in table ?
Answer: select count(id), id from employee group by id having count(*)>1

5. How do you find the nth highest record from the table ?
Answer: This query print highest record in descending order:
SELECT * FROM employee ORDER BY id desc LIMIT 10

6. What cursor type do you use to retrieve multiple record sets?
Answer: Explicit cursor

7How will you copy the structure of a table without copying the data ?
Answer: select * into new_table_name from source_table_name where 1=2

8. If you have employee table where Table as below:

How will you find employee with same manager. How will you find Manager without any direct report. How will you find employee with no manager.

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