DES Encryption Decryption Java

DES Encryption Decryption Java

DES encrption algorithim is archetypal block cipher where algorithm takes fixed length string in plain text bits then transforms it data through series of complicated algorithim operations into another cipher text bit string of same length. DES encryption is the block size is 64 bits. DES encryption uses key to customize its transformation so that decryption can performed by application where particular key used to encrypt. Basically the key ostensibly consists of 64 bits and only 56 of these actually used in algorithm. Eight bits have bveen used only for checking parity thereafter discarded. Finally effective key length is 56 bits.

Decryption uses the same structure as encryption but with the keys used in reverse order. Below is sample DES encryiption decrypiton java program where string key been used:


  • Output:

DES Encryption Decryption Java

  • For more information about its algorithim please visit here

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