Describe project architecture details Interview Example

Describe project architecture details Interview Example

This is again first or second question ask by interviewer. Before any interview either telephonic or face to face brush up project architecture in advance. Drow your last three project architecture on paper try to describe it to yourself so that when this question asked you could start describing witout much thinking below are the point which you could consider:

  • If interviewer give you pen and paper to describe your project architecture, draw high level diagram dont go deep unless they asked for it
  • You can go deeper for specific components if you feel you have to
  • Its better to draw layer of your project and describe each layer
  • As this step is showing your understand about the project architecture, you should have good understanding of each layer and definitely during this discussion interviewer will ask you how you did it and what was your role
  • Its better to practice projectd architecute with your family or friend if its not possible then take pen paper, draw diagram by yourself, describe it, if you want hear back your speech then its beter to record your voice in your mobile phone (Now a days all mobile deive has this functinality) and play once you are done so that you can judge your communication for imporvement

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