What you done in your project tell me in details

What you done in your project tell me in details

This is typical interview question both in telphonic rround as well as face to face round. Here interviewer starts to check your communication skill, your project knowlege, find out what technologies you have used and while you are talking about the project he will have time to look to your resume he he has not looked at yet. Generally interviewer don’t take resume in advance either he will be reading your resume 10-15 minute before interview. But some interviewer is very punctual for interview and he do read your complete resume in advance so in either case please give brief details and please remember below points:

  • Always starts with your current project
  • Give him complete technology stack you have used in your project
  • What and which part of the project you was involved
  • Try to highlight your strong area so that if inteview is catchy he will stop you and start asking question on that topic
  • Always remember when you create your resume do not mention any technololgy which you do not know, sometimes interviewer picks some point from your resume where you didn’t work and giving answer is difficult this is also one point where you start loosing your chance to clear it
  • Be calm while you are talking to the interviewer, sometime interviewer ask question which makes you angry do not show them you are angry try to convince him as much as possible using your best judgement

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