Extract tar Unix Linux example

Extract tar Unix Linux example

Many utilities tools are available over the internet to compress folders/files in zip, gzip, tar format. To FTP folder to the Unix box you will to compress it in tar ball. In this example you will how to extract tar file on Unix box:

  • Go to current location where tar file has been created or copied and use below command:

$ tar -xvf javahonk.tar

  • This will extract tar file in current folder location. If you want to extract in different folder please use below:

$ tar -C /apps/javahonk -xvf javahonk.tar

  • This command will extract tar file in /apps/javahonk directory.

On Window box you could use same command to extract tar file:

c:\javahonk> tar -xvf javahonk.tar

For more information you could visit this page

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