Face to Face Java Interview Series 49 tough questions

Face to Face Java Interview Series 49 tough questions

This is tougher interview question for Java and J2EE most of the thing we do use daily but keep forgetting:

Business questions:

1. Would you please give brief details about your career and experience
2. How good you are on capital market
3. What is capital market
4. Tell me full work flow from starts to ends about fixed income and how it works
5. What do you mean by primary market and secondary market
6. How primary market works
7. How secondary market works
8. Do you know any fixed income which people buys
9. How stocks works. Please describe me full work flow form when you place the order
10. What is option how it works
11. What is SWAP and how many type of swap is there
12. What is total return swap and equity swap

Technical questions:

1. How will you reverse singly linked list ? Can you write its logic ?
2. How to find if linked list is circular ? Can you write its logic ?
3. Have you used Mockito ?
4. Can you write sample program where you have have to use Mockito to do unit testing
5. What lock interface ?
6. How you use lock read only or write only ?
7. If suppose you have 100 child class doing calculation and finally give data to parent class and its thread safe. Tell during the time parent wait to get result from child how will you make sure parent don’t wait for result and how you will improve performance.
8. Have you used JDK 1.8 so what improvement has been done in JDK 1.8
9. What improvement in garbage collection has been made in JDK 1.8
10. Have you use lambda expression in JDK 1.8
11. What is Executor interface in java
12. What is ExecutorService class in java
13. What is the difference between ExecutorService and CompletrionService class in java
14. What is return type of execute and submit from ExecutorService class
15. What parameter execute and submit both takes
16. What is difference between callable and runnable interface
17. How do you catch exception in child thread and inform to parent
18. What is producer and consumer design pattern
19. What is java concurrency package and what are interface you have used so far
20. What is thread pool and how you create it
21. Have you have used executor interface and how you created thread pool out of it. Can you write sample program
22. What are all Java new features
23. Can you give me example how you can implement executor interface
24. What is thread pooling
25. If you define one class with variable in int i = 10 and same variable name with int i =10 and another class extend and implement interface how value will be accessible ?
26. What is difference between synchronization and lock interface
27. What new has been done for exception handling in JDK 1.8 ?
28. Bubble shot algorithm

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