Face to Face Java Interview Series 50 tough questions

Face to Face Java Interview Series 50 tough questions

These are most tough questions during Java Developer, Sr. Java Developer position. Most of the time you will forget easily so before going to interview its good to have a quick look:

1. What is trasaction is spring how you do it
2. Fix protocol related questions
3. How you handle transaction in hibernate
4. How do you generate hibernate object or table what kind of tools you have used
5. Difference between Countdown latch and Cyclic barrier
6. What is volatile variable when and how you use it
7. Difference between Atomic integer and volatile variable
8. Let’s say you have million of person object which we need to insert to the data base how will you do that and before that can you tell if hibernate insertion is stateful or stateless
9. What improve has been done for GC from 1.6 to 1.7
10. How you handle transaction in spring
11. Have you use annotation based configuration in spring. Can you tell me in details how have you configured it
12. What is tx:advice in spring
13. What is AOP and how many type of AOP are there
14. Differnece @resource and @Autowired and @Qualifier
15. What is WS-Security in SOAP
16. Did you used Spring Batch and Spring Integration Frameworks and related questions
17. Have you used AOP in spring? Please explain
18. Bean life cycle in Spring Bean Factory Container
19. What is point cut and join point in spring
20. What do you mean by auto-wiring explain different types of auto wiring in Spring
21. What are steps to integrate Spring with Hibernate
22. What are proxies in hibernate
23. How to integrate Hibernate into an existing project
24. Have you ever encountered LazyInitializationException
25. How can you sort Map Java
26. What is preemptive scheduling and time slicing in Java thread
27. Do you know Big O notations? Also what is log(n) algorithm O(n) and O(log n)
28. To perform operations on AtomicInteger synchronization is mandatory. What is Atomic integer
29. What happens inside JVM when you synchronize method
30. How you had secure RESTFul service
31. How to use JPA to manage trasaction
32. What kind of integration tools you have used
33. What is lock in hibernate
34. How you destroy you bean in Spring
35. How will you reverse singly linked list ? Can you write its logic
36. How to find if linked list is circular ? Can you write its logic
37. How you handle transaction in hibernate
38. What are transaction isolation levels are there in hibernate
39. How you handle phantom read in hibernate
40. How do you map one to one mapping in file
41. What are functionality you have used from JDK 1.5
42. How you create pair class in Java
43. How will you create Tree class in Java
44. How will you create Node class in Java
45. Can you write program to search in array using binary tree
46. What is SSO how you have implemented in your project
47. Let’s say if one person has to take flight and number of flight are available and one object store person name and flight name. If two person has same name in the flight how will store this object in hashmap ?
48. Have you worked on TrustStore and KeyStores in java ?. If so, how do you specify them via command line arguments
49. If in hibernate we need to increment id by even number how we will achieve this
50. How you did mapping of Java type to WSDL
51. What are different types of initialization/data loading strategies in hibernate ? What is pros and cons of each ? Provide an example of each.
52. Write sample hibernate queury
53. How you do package scan of multiple model class in hibernate XML file
54. How you use lock read only or write only
55. What are classes are available in java.util.concurrent package
56. What is volatile variable
57. What is transaction isolation level how you handle it
58. How you configure connection pooling and what is connection pooling
59. What is JDBC template and how you you use it

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