Face to Face Java Interview Series 50

Face to Face Java Interview Series 50

This questions was asked in BNP Paribas Sr. Software developer position. Interviewer was checking knowledge of the subject in various area:

1. Mainly they ask for concepts behind every answers
2. Questions on collections (Vector, LinkedList, ArrayList, TreeMap, HashMap, HashSet)
3. Spring- ask questions on setting up configuration files and what beans need to be defined
4. What is DB index and how you create and use it
5. Using a byte array as Map key (bytes vs hash map)
6. Real time loading of properties and files
7. All about hibernate proxies
8. How to kill DB query taking long time in Sybase
9. Web services authentication/security
10. Internet Explorer compatibility mode feature to test
11. Selenium test recording and how it works
12. Proxy and delegation pattern
13. Second level cache query level cache
14. Bean lifecyle interceptor
15. Encryption and decryption of password in property file
16. Difference group by and where clause

1. Spring – IOC /Dependency Injection, Singleton/Prototype, Scopes


1. L2 Cache, Cascade relationships – delete, delete-orphan
2. How did you create the domain model when using Hibernate – I used JPA annotations.
3. various XA patterns – 2Phase Commit and one phase commit
4. Shared resource Which Spring class enables using Hibernate annotations – AnnotataionSessionfactorybean
5. How to use annotations in Spring
5. How to use Spring JMS configurations
6. How to use Publish/Subcribe model What is loader context if you are deploying spring in application server How to use web services – axis, JAX-WS.
7. How to call webservice from the client.
8. Multithreading – how to use shared resource – answer is Producer Consumer pattern using synchronized methods and wait/notify mechanism.
9. How to use producer consumer in Java 5 – Synchronous Q, CompletionService.
10. Countdownlatch, Cyclicbarrier
11. Nested Classes.
12. Phantom References.
13. Implementing Singleton – various ways.
14. Explain HashMap implementation / How does hashmap and concurrent hashmap works.
15. Explain how ConcurrentHashMap is implemented.
16. Struts – Action,ActionForm, ActionServlet Design Patterns Lot of questions on the project on your resume.
17. Serilaization – how to avoid it, serialize a static variable
18. Explanation on the Gigaspace architecture, adopted at my current firm.
19. How is recovery handled in case of persistence failure
20. Datasource disconnect.
21. Constraint violation.
22. How to implement aggregation of various rules driven by business.
23. How does Hibernate L2cache work?
24. Overview of recent project and the role that I played.
25. Pros and Cons in using Gigaspace.

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