Face to Face Java Interview Series 52

Face to Face Java Interview Series 52

This is one more face to face round of interview the company called Interactive Data Corporation (ICE Data Services) for Sr. Software developer position:

1. What is self join can you write query for this
2. If you have employee object how you will save data into the HashMap what are all the steps
3. Let’s say two employee has same name how you will save data into the Hashmap
4. What is concurrenthashmap and how it works
5. What are other concurrent interfaces are there
6. Can you write sample program using hashmap
7. Let’s say multiple thread writing updating hashmap what will happen
8. Let’s say while iterating your ConcurentHashMap, put yourself in sleep for 1 second and same time other thread deleted the data what will happen once you wokeup from sleep you will get the data
9. How primitive type value increase in memory what is the process — ( The statement i++; performs three operations: 1)Read 2)Update 3)Write
10. Let’s say I have table Employee (id, name, managerName, SeniorManagerName). You need to find from this able how many employee has same manager where count is more than one, Write queury to find total number of employee, write queury to find how many employee who are reporting to same manager
11. What is binary tree
12. How will you sort value of HashMap. Can you program for this
13. Can you write sample class which will create tree structure
14. Can you write program which will make binary tree oposite (Mirro image) Let’s say its binary tree and you will have to swith it node from left to right
15. Can you write sample class which will create node structure
16. How you search element in the Array. Can you write sample program for this
17. Can you write sample program using forkandjoin
18. How you create thread using executer
19. What is the use of thread pool
20. What is the different between stack and queue
21. Can you write program to create producer and consumer pattern
22. Can you write program using callable statement

2nd round:

1. What is Eclipse collection API
2. Can you sort list using Eclipse collection API
3. Sort list if employee object by firstName(attribute: firstName, lastName) in Java 8
4. What are new feature of Java
5. What is Collector in Java 8. Can you show me how you use it, if you have a list of employee object
6. Let me give you one scenario: Let’s say we have to create one application where people have to give votes whoever is funniest person in the company. Each employee of the company can choose three person and submit their votes only one time. After voting is complete we have to find who is the funnies person in the company. Design this application and make database design so that if I want can pull data directly from the table. Once you design is complete can you write query how to pull data who the funniest person in the company.
7. Can you give me example how you use Lamda

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