Face to Face Java Interview Series 53

Face to Face Java Interview Series 53

This interview was for Sr. full stack software developer (Basically looking for developer who know AngularJS,Bootstrap,Node.js, Grunt etc. on front end) including Spring, RESTFul, Micro services, cloud technology(AWS, Cloud foundry) java, messaging etc. and company was Verizon Wireless

1. What is the difference between trigger and store procedure
2. What is bind variable in database and what is the use of it
3. What is View why we use it
4. If you see performance is slow what do you think can cause it and how will you resolve it
5. What you choose write store procedure to write query and why
6. How you improve performance of your query
7. Who write store procedure or query in your project. Is this DBA or Developer

1. What is difference between Micro service and web service
2. What you use Micro service
3. What is REST Template
4. What is the difference between RESTFul and SOAP
5. How did you secure you RESTFul web service
6. Who was consuming your web service
7. Why you used RESTFul web service
8. What is bean in the spring why we use it
9. What is default scope of the bean
10. What is spring integration and what you integrated with this
11. What is spring boot what it provide

1. What are directive are there in AngularJS
2. What is module in AngularJS what is the use of it
3. Can you name some of the module in AngularJS
4. What is difference between rootscope and scope in AngularJS
5. Let’s say you have drop down of person name, what is best way of populating the data in this (Binding or view)
6. What is the difference between binding and view model
7. what is router in AngularJS whey we use it
8. If you want to pass data from one controller to another controller how you do it in AngularJS
9. How you create controller in AngularJS
10. What is the best way to render the data in AngularJS
11. How you bind the data in AngularJS
12. How you create controller in AngularJS
13. How you add bootstrap in AngularJS
14. How you add third party plugin with AngularJS
15. What is data binding
16. What is use of model view and controller and how they talk to each other

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