Face to Face Interview Series 30 Spring questions

Face to Face Interview Series 30 Spring questions

Face to Face Interview Series 30 Spring questions for Sr. Java Developer position in all kind of domain and these are frequently asked spring questions:

1. How have you integrated Jackson with Spring MVC?
2. What is default bean scope in Spring Framework?
3. Can we have more than one Spring Application Context?
4. Does Spring create single bean instance when you declare a Bean class twice with different Ids?
5. What is MVC design pattern?
6. Difference Struts vs Spring MVC? Which one you choose and why?
7. What are features of Spring Framework?
8. What is spring transaction annotation syntax AOP roll-back annotation syntax?
9. Lets talk about distributed transaction: Suppose you have method that is calling 3 different methods – First updates database second updates file and third update database again. If suppose second operation fails how transaction will be roll back happens in spring?
10. Have you used Spring in your project?
11. What modules did you use in Spring? Please explain?
12. Tell me your experience using Spring Framework?
13. How did you use Dependency Injection in your project?
14. What are different types of injections which Spring support?
15. What are different bean scopes in Spring?
16. What is Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control in spring?
17. What type of DI does Spring Framework support?
18. What is method injection?
19. Is method injection supported by Spring framework?
20. What is Application Context?
21. What are the different bean scopes in Spring?
22. Can you explain Prototype bean scope in Spring?
23. Are you familiar are you with Spring MVC Framework? What is it?
24. Please explain your Web application architecture and how you were using Spring MVC and what are different layers?
25. Have you used any Transactions?
26. What are Spring Transactions and how did you use in your project?
27. What other modules of Spring you have worked?
28. Did you used Spring Batch and Spring Integration Frameworks? If yes please explain?
29. Explain module that used Spring Batch how we implement it?
30. Have you configured Spring Batch for multi-threading?
31. Please explain in full details about Spring Batch from configuration perspective?
32. What is custom column mappers in spring batch ?
33. Have you used AOP in spring? What is this?
34. What are different types of injections in Spring?
35. How you handle transaction in spring?
36. If you have form with 10 fields please explain using spring MVC framework which will provide functionality to update save and delete form fields. Please explain this design from front end till back end?
37. How do you pass information between front end and back end using spring MVC? What format you use example: Text,html, JSON, XML?
38. On what design patterns is Spring Framework has been built?
39. What are benefits of using IOC?
40. Different benefits of Spring Framework?
41. Have you worked on any other Spring Modules other then Spring Core?
42. What are core features of Spring Framework?
43. What is point cut and join point in spring?
44. Have you used AOP in your current project? Please explain in real time scenario?
45. What is difference between bean Factory and application context?
46. Explain Bean life cycle in Spring Bean Factory Container?
47. What do you mean by auto-wiring?
48. What are different types of auto wiring in Spring?
49. What are different bean scopes in Spring?
50. Differences between J2EE and Spring Framework OR differences between EJB and Spring Container ?
51. What is JDBCTemplate in Spring?
52. What are steps to integrate Spring with Hibernate?
53. Difference between regular JDBC exceptions and Spring JDBCTemplate exceptions?

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