Face to Face Java Interview Series 10

Face to Face Java Interview Series 10

This is face to face java interview series 10 questions for the post of Sr. Java developer from big healthcare company in New York. Below are questions:

1. Tell me about your project ?
2. What is area of expertise ?
3. As you said you have very good experience in create and consume web service let’s starts from here.
4. What is web service ?
5. How you develop SOAP web service ?
6. What approach you took developing web service top down (Contract first) or bottom up ?
7. OK let’s talk about contract first approach. Can you tell me the steps to develop web service using this approach ?
8. Tell me what are parts available in WSDL ?
9. Once you completed your WSDL what you do ?
10. What is Java ENUM mapping in WSDL ?
11. Let’s talk about hibernate: Once DBA created data base table what you do next tell me details if you are using hibernate ?
12. If you have 100 table will you generate 100 model class ?
13. What will you do make it shorter the model class ?
14. What is the difference between hibernate model class and java bean. How will you differentiate hibernate model class and Java bean ?
15. How you call data base in hibernate ?
16. How you handle transaction in hibernate ?
17. Are you familiar with JDBC tell me steps how you write JDBC program ?
18. What is cursor ? What is the use of cursor ?
19. How you create cursor ?
20. If you are iterating result then same time how will you modify the result ?h
21. Did you hear about merge and update can you please explain me ?
22. How you do package scan of multiple model class in hibernate XML file ?
21. What is FileManager what is the use of it ?
22. How you use FileManage to execute query in the data base ?
23. What is primary key and foreign key ?
24. What is unique key ??
25. What is the difference between primay key and unique key ?
26. What is composite key ?

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