Face to Face Java Interview Series 11

Face to Face Java Interview Series 11

This is Face to Face Java Interview Series 11 questions for Sr. Java Developer from one of big financial company in New York. Below are questions:

1. What are you doing on your current projects and earlier projects ?
2. What is encapsulation ?
3. What is polymorphism ?
4. What are access modifiers in Java ?
5. What is the difference between hashcode and equal ?
6. Question related to all bullet point mentioned in resume ?
7. WSDL – web services, order in which you prepare WSDLs ?
8. How you did mapping of Java type to WSDL ?
9. How you will find second highest record from data base ?
10. Write query on two table to find sum of salary ?
11. Have you used Multi-threading what are packages you have used ?
12. What is difference between == and equals () method ?
13. What is lazy loading in Hibernate and how to come over it ?
14. What is a detached object ?
15. How you do garbage collection ?
16. What is data structure in Java ?
17. What type of collections have you used?
18. What is Hash set in collections ?
19. What is the exact use of Hashcode() and equals() method ?
20. How did you save your object ?
21. How to sort arrays and array list ?
22. What is static method ?
23. What is class level lock and object level lock ?
24. How to show and hide a comment using JQuery
25. Why we do serialization in Hibernate ?
26. What is hibernate mapping and what kind of mapping you can do ?
27. How did you use Hibernate with spring?
28. Have you used any templates in Hibernate?
29. What is transient object in Hibernate ?
30. How do you communicate with spring and Hibernate?
31. What is dynabean in struts ?
32. What is Dependency Injection in spring ?
33. What are the different types of Spring DI ?
34. What is MVC design pattern ?
35. What is Singleton Patterns ?
36. What is the difference between session and session factory in hibernate ?
37. What are the 4 different associates of objects ? Please provide an example of each ?
38. What are different types of initialization/data loading strategies in hibernate ? What is pros and cons of each ? Provide an example of each.
39. What is hibernates default fetching strategy? Why lazy loading for performance reasons what you achieve ?
40. What are two types of end coding styles for SOAP web services ?
41. What is the difference between Document literal and RPC
42. Please tell me about a SOAP web service you created and what were the end coding styles?
43. What are the challenges you face with visioning of web services? Please explain how you overcome those challenges ?
44. If your users are using today’s service that is “Webservice1” and tomorrow service changes to “Webservice2” how do you ensure old service not affected by change in service version ?

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