Face to Face Java Interview Series 16

Face to Face Java Interview Series 16

This is Face to Face Java Interview Series 16 questions for Sr. Java Developer position in one of big technology company in Southlake texas. Below are questions:

1. Is Java platform independent why ?
2. Is JVM platform independent why ?
3. What is difference between list and set ?
4. How you make object ordered in set ?
5. What is treeset in Java ?
6. What order object will be stored in it ?
7. If we want to change order of it what should we do ?
8. What is hashmap how it works in Java ?
9. If you have two value “Sethu” and “ABC” and you store in this in list what order it will be stored ?
10. What is GC in Java ?
11. How GC works in Java ?
12. When object is eligible for garbage collection in Java ?
13. What is difference between checked and unchecked exception in Java ?
14. Let’s say if one person has to take flight and number of flight are available and one object store person name and flight name. If two person has same name in the flight how will store this object in hashmap ?
15. If you have two object student and course where student can take many course and course can have many student how will store this in table and what kind of relationship is this ?
16. If you get out of memory error how will you resolve this ?
18. What cause out of memory issue in Java ?
19. What is immutable how will you create immutable class in Java ?
20. How will you achieve multiple inheritance in Java ?
21. What is multi threading in Java ?
22. How you object thread safe in Java ?
23. What is hash collision how will you resolve this ?
24. What are main interface in hibernate ?
25. What is lock in hibernate ?

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