Face to Face Java Interview Series 18

Face to Face Java Interview Series 18

This is Face to Face Java Interview Series 17 questions for Sr. Java Developer position in growing technology company (Sab**). Below are questions:

1. Can you tell me about your project and experience ?
2. What are layers you have used in your application ?
3. What is locking in hibernate ?
4. What is optimistic locking in hibernate ?
5. What kind of mapping you have used in hibernate XML or annotation ?
6. What is lazy loading in hibernate could you give me your view on this ?
7. If you have two object how will you it in single hbm file ?
8. How do you map one to one mapping in file ?
9. Suppose you have multiple file how will you map this in hibernate to get the object ?
10. If suppose you have two separate tables are the in data base how will you map this in hibernate ?
11. How you handle transaction in hibernate ?
12. If you have two entity in one transaction and one update other delete something from database ?
13. What are functionality you have used from JDK 1.5 ?
14. Can you tell me what is generics in Java ?
14. What do mean by class ?
15. How will you create singleton class ?
16. How you create pair class in Java ?
17. How will you create Tree class in Java ?
18. How will you create Node class in Java ?
19. What is binary tree ?
20. Can you write program to search in array using binary tree ?
21. What is JUnint ?
22. Have you used Mockito ?
23. Can you write sample program where you have have to use Mockito to do unit testing ?
24. What is immutable class ?
25. Can you write sample immutable class ?
26. Let me give you one scenario: You have to write unit test where one method is taking more than 1 minute to test one method how will you make it faster so that the method which you are testing should be completed in 4-5 seconds ?
27. How you re-factor the code ?
28. Suppose you have one method where 1000 lines of code are there and wherever you get bug from production it will be in this method only. What would be your approach to fix this issue.
29. What is difference between SL4J and Log4j ?
30. What is hashmap in Java ?

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