Face to Face Java Interview Series 19

Face to Face Java Interview Series 19

This is Face to Face Java Interview Series 19 questions for Sr. Java Developer position in big organisation in Maryland. Below are questions:

1. Tell me about your experience and you current project architecture ?
2. Tell me about your web service experience ?
3. I see you have worked on ESB what is it and why we use it ?
4. What is lock in hibernate ?
5. How many types of scopes are there in Spring ?
6. What is default scope in Spring ?
7. How you destroy you bean in Spring ?
8. Do you remember how many types of call back interface in Spring ?
9. How many call back bean interfaces are there ?
10. How will you reverse singly linked list ? Can you write its logic ?
11. How to find if linked list is circular ? Can you write its logic ?
12. How will you load context file in spring ?
13. How will you load context file in if its web aware application ?
14. How you handle transaction in hibernate ?
15. Let’s talk about JMS. Let’s say you have point to point messaging system and whenever messages arrives you update the database and due to some reason you get some exception from database how will you send acknowledge message back ? Also because you got exception here then will you make sure in case of exception message consumed and acknowledge properly ?
16. What are transaction isolation levels are there in hibernate ?
17. How you handle phantom read in hibernate ?

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