Face to Face Java Interview Series 2

Face to Face Java Interview Series 2

Java Interview Series 2

This is real time Face to Face Java Interview Series 2 questions your next interview preparation. It’s very easy to

get confused in interview if go without brushing up your technology. Any java interview or J2EE interview for developer role, interviewer starts with question from Java then slowly moves on their project related question and if time permits they will ask you some advance questions of theirs choice.
Below java interview question are real time face to face interview questions which has been asked from different company and development experience starts from 2 years to 15 years.

  • How many design patterns you know?
  • What is singleton pattern and could you give me example how you make this thread safe
  • What is set in java and how you store object in it? Write program for this
  • What is inner join and outer join
  • What java garbage collection and how you do it
  • How you improve performance of your application
  • How java manages memory
  • What is JMS could you give example
  • Let’s say you have one database and top to this you have java application which is consuming message and pass to the web application. How you make sure message you process not duplicate and what happened if application suddenly crash how you handle exception
  • What is builder design pattern

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