Face to Face Java Interview Series 22

Face to Face Java Interview Series 22

This is Face to Face Java Interview Series 22 questions for Java developer position in big insurance company. Below are questions:

1. Please tell me about your current project and technology you are using ?
2. What is difference between iterator and ListIterator ?
3. What is hierarchy of ListIterator ?
4. How many types of implicit objects are there in JSP ?
5. What do you understand by JTP ?
6. How do you use JTA in your application ?
7. How you make your application transaction enabled ?
8. Have you used JMS ?
9. How many types of message are there in JMS ?
10. What is the format/structure of message in JMS ?
11. How you send or receive message in JMS ?
12. What is JPA ?
13. How you use JPA in your application ?
14. What is entity manager how you use it ?
15. How you handle transaction in spring ?
16. What is DI in spring ?
17. Can you tell me flow of spring application and how you configure it ?
18. Could you tell me steps what we do in application starting from application context ?
19. Let me give you one scenario and suppose you have one application and client choose quote, create profile, take policy, add policy, update car, add driver, delete driver and every time he performs any action it generates unique entity id into the data base and based on that some action happens. How will you design this scenario tell me all the steps ?
20. What is persistence entity in hibernate ?
21. What is entity in hibernate ?
22. What is generics in Java ?
23. How you had secure RESTFul service ?
24. What mechanism you had used to secure you service ?
25. How many operations are available in RESTFul service ?
26. How do you handle intrasectoral in RESTFul service ?
27. What is difference between SOAP and restful service ?
28. Difference between struts and spring ?
29. Difference between struts 2. 0 and struts 1.0 ?
30. Why you didn’t use JPA to handle transaction and data in place of hibernate ?

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