Face to Face Java Interview Series 36

Face to Face Java Interview Series 36

Face to Face Java Interview Series 36 for Sr. Java Developer position in big mobile making company where they were looking for someone who can work as full stack developer:

1. Tell me about yourself and your experience?
2. What is agile methodologies how did you implemented in your project?
3. What is SCRUM and how you implemented this in project?
4. What design patterns have you used? Can you explain any one in detail?
5. What is Strategy Pattern?
6. What is Builder design pattern?
7. What are some design Patterns you have used recently?
8. What is factory design pattern?
9. What other Design Patterns have you used in Java?
10. What are different aggregation types in UML?
11. What are Servlets?
12. Explain lifecycle of Servlet
13. When is Servlet destroy() method called?
14. What is ServletRequest and ServletResponse?
15. What are different methods available in ServletRequest and ServletResponse?
16. What is JSP?
17. How do you declare JSPs?
18. Explain life cycle of JSP
19. What can be done with JSP that can not be done with Servlets?
20. Do you have any experience writing custom tag libraries?
21. Do you have any experience with work flow model or BPM? Any tools you used for BPM?
22. Do you have any prior experience working in JBOSS Drools? or any work flow engines?
23. What is your experience with Application Servers?
24. Do you know how to configure a dataSource in WebSphere or JBoss Application Server?
25. Have you ever used Messaging in your application?
26. Can you explain module where you have used Messaging in your application?
27. Have you used any ESB what tools you have used and what’s its use?
28. What is ant?
29. What is target in ANT?
30. How you provide dependencies between ant targets?
31. Name two ant tasks use to build an enterprise web application.
32. What is a fileset and what is it used for?
33. What is difference between struts 2 and struts 1.2?
34. How would you rename your struts-config.xml file?
35. Do you know what is Tiles Framework? How do you use it in your application?
36. How do you forward request to another action class rather than JSP page.
37. What value is included in the URL parameter string when unchecked checkbox named “unchecked”?
38. What components of a JDBC operation would fall within these three exception handling structures i.e. try catch finally?
39. What types of JDBC statements will accept input parameters?
40. What is the difference in precision java.util.Date and java.sql.Date?
41. What is difference between XML & XSLT? Why you use XSLT?
42. Are XML Element and Attribute names case sensitive?
43. What is difference between well form and valid XML document?
44. What is difference between SAX and DOM parsing?
45. Can more than one user simultaneously edit single file stored in CVS repository?
46. What is tag library?
47. What is a thread dump?
48. What is a revision?
49. If your Java web application is not responding in production then what steps would you take to troubleshoot issue?
50. How would you troubleshoot an out of memory issue?
51. What if the logs do not indicate an error and the logs appear to have stopped writing?
52. What is common cause for an issue like this?

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