Face to Face Java Interview Series 37

Face to Face Java Interview Series 37

Face to Face Java Interview Series 37 for Sr. Java Developer position in mobile making company California. Below are questions:

1. Tell me about your experience and your strong technical area?
2. Difference between SOAP and RESTFul web service?
3. Which one you would choose SOAP and RESTFul web service and why?
4. If you developed web service which is able to handle 1000 request and after some time lets say you have to scale it up to 50000 users what will you do?
5. How will you add element in ArrayList in Java?
6. If you have to add element at 16th position how will you do this without using add method?
7. Which ArrayList would be faster List list = new ArrayList() or List list = new ArrayList(20)?
8. What is the default size of ArrayList in Java?
9. If suppose you have defined fixed ArrayList will it grow dynamically if yes how much it will grow?
10. What is caching have you used caching before?
11. How many type of caching are there in Java?
12. How you configure caching in Java?
13. If you see out of memory in production how will you resolve this?
14. Tell me about JVM memory area and how memory defined here?
15. What is PERM gen memory in Java? What kind of data store here?
16. What is heap dump how you take heap dump and analyse memory leak?
17. What are tools available to take heap dump?
18. If out of memory or server crashes could you take heap dump automatically?
19. Can you increase PERM gen space dynamically in Java? If yes how you do that?
20. How do you develop web service in Java could you please tell all steps?

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