Face to Face Java Interview Series 38

Face to Face Java Interview Series 38

This is latest face to face java interview which was asked in Global bank interview for the position of Sr. Java Developer:

1. Can you tell me about your project and technology working on
2. What is difference between Set and List
3. Can you tell me if Set only store unique variable then we can add below:
4. What is final
5. Let’s create program and find out
6. What is method overloading and overriding
7. What is hashing
8. How Hahsmap works
9. What is weak hashing
10. What is weak reference what are classes and packages are there to implement it
11. What is scope in spring
12. What is dependency injection
13. How dependency works in spring
14. What is factory design pattern
15. What is multithreading
16. What are concurrent packages you have implemented so far
17. What is executor interface
18. How do you create immutable class and what is the use of it
19. Suppose you got out of memory exception in production how will you find root cause
20. What is heap dump and thread dump
21. How you take heap dump and thread dump
22. What you find from heap and thread dump
23. How you define many to many joins on database
24. What is difference between primary key and unique key

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