Face to Face Java Interview Series 39

Face to Face Java Interview Series 38

This is another face to face java interview questions which was asked in Wells Fergo bank for Sr. Java Developer position:

General questions:

1. What is string literal in Java? Where it is stored in JVM?
2. DB: What is trigger? How u know if it is insert or update operation?
3. DB: What is cursor? How it works? Flow?
4. DB: What is inner join? Ask if one table has 10 rows and other has 5 rows what will happen in
a. select * from table A, table B
b. left outer join, c. right outer join, d. inner join
5. Can you right your own class loader in java?
6. What is static method and non-static method?
7. Write a singleton class.
8. Multithreading: Explain executor framework? What is submit and produce task?
9. Multithreading: What is blocking queue?
10. If I have same method name n parameter but return type is different in same class, what will happen?
11. Spring: JDBCTemplate? How is works?
12. How you implement soap web services? Diff between soap n rests?
13. What is hash collision? What is order of iteration if two objects having same hash code?

Financial domain:

1. Components of derivatives?
2. Different types of swaps?
3. Explain about Mutual Funds
4. What is bond
5. How bond works?
6. How equity market works?
7. What is primary market
8. What is secondary market

Core Java:

1. How many API are there in collection?
2. How many you have used so far?
3. What is list?
4. What is Set?
5. What condition you will use in set or list?
6. What is dictionary?
7. What is vector?

Design Pattern:

1. What is template design pattern?
2. What is abstract factory?


1. How many modules are there?
2. What is dependency injection?
3. What is inversion of control?
4. How beans works?
5. How you have implemented into your project?

Java Concurrency:

1. What is executor interface
2. What is Atomic package


1. How JIRA, GIT, and Stash works?

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