Face to Face Java Interview Series 41

Face to Face Java Interview Series 41

This is next series of face to face interview questions which was asked in Orange & Rockland utility company for Sr. Java Developer (Technical Lead) positions in NY.

1. What is difference between string literals and string object. Can you write on paper and explain it.
2. What happens if you don’t assign any value to string then what value you get
3. What improve has been done for GC from 1.6 to 1.7
4. When you create string which area of heap it goes
5. If suppose you have very big collections where just you need to read the data then which collections you will prefer
6. How hash map works in Java
7. What is hashing in Java
8. What is difference between hashset and hashmap
9. What happens when hash code on key matches with others in hashmap
10. What is difference between wait and notify
11. What is difference between wait and sleep
12. Have you written singleton class can you write on this paper
13. What are the ways to create singleton class in Java
14. Singleton class can be clone then why its singleton
15. How will you prevent to clone singleton
16. Where you had used singleton design pattern
17. What are design pattern you have use so far
18. What is factory design pattern. Why we use it
19. What is the difference between factory and spring DI. Which one you will choose and why
20. What are module you have use in spring
21. How you handle transaction in spring
22. Have you use annotation based configuration in spring. Can you tell me in details how have you configured it
23. How have you configured annotation based transaction
24. How have you configured XML based transaction
25. What is tx:advice in spring
26. What is AOP and how many type of AOP are there
27. What do you mean by @resource
28. What do you mean by @Autowired
29. Can you tell me step to just print HELLO WORLD using Spring annotation
30. What do you by @Qualifier
31. How you handle exception in spring while transaction
32. What you do if exception happens during transaction
33. What is Apache camel have you ever used it
34. How Apache camel integrated with EIP
35. What is EIP (Enterprise Integration pattern)
36. What is AcitveMQ
37. How and where you had used it
38. Can you tell me steps to print hello world using ActiveMQ
39. What are channels are available in ActiveMQ
40. Can you create project from beginning and configured AcitveMQ with Apache camel
41. Which is best Spring integration or Apache camel and why
42. What is RESTFul service
43. Do you have any experience with creating RESTFul service
44. What is differnce between RESTFul and SOAP web serice
45. If you have to develop web servic which one you will choose SOAP OR RESTFul and why
46. What framework you had used to develop RESTFul service
47. Does RESTFul service provide security
48. How you handle security in RESTFul service
49. Have you single sign on how it works
50. How you handle security in SOAP web service

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