Face to Face Java Interview Series 42

Face to Face Java Interview Series 42

This is face to face first round of interview with Comcast where they were looking for Java Developer who can work on their main project. Interviewer was only 2 week old with the company so he don’t had much idea about the project and even not interested to ask many technical questions. Below are the questions he asked:

1. Tell me about your project don’t give me full description but tell me what was your contribution
2. Why your resume is so long
3. I have worked 20 years if I make resume it will be 20 page that won’t be good also I do see many things repeated. Make your resume consolidated so that one can read quickly what you have done so far
4. As you tell me you have use scrum what was the work load
5. How you guys was using scrum
6. How you have JIRA in your project
7. Where you have done schooling
8. What is the difference between SOAP and RESTFul web service
9. Why people choose RESTFul over SOAP
10. If you have given option what you will choose REST or SOAP and why
11. What you done in Spring
12. What are module you have used in Spring
13. How many people are there in your team
14. How you guys coordinate with each other
15. As you said four people working on offshore if they are stuck on one problem then how you resolve it
16. Do you like Soccer. Did you watch soccer last night

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