Face to Face Java Interview Series 43

Face to Face Java Interview Series 42

This face to face second round interview in Comcast for Java Developer position. It was 40 minute white board interview where interviewer want everything describe on white board with details. Below are the questions asked by him:

1. Can you draw full architecture of the project on the white board
2. How you are using coherence in your project
3. What kind of data you are saving
4. Why you need database if you have coherence
5. As you said data saved in cache as map
6. What is map size is becoming very big. Is there any performance issues.
7. How hash map store the data
8. Let’s say you have hash map with 1 million object and after some time 4 million object also added with same hash map what will happen. Will there be any performance issue. HOW will you handle this
9. Have you seen any performance issue in database. How had you resolved that
10. Let’s say you have a table and you are executing query against it which is very slow. What could be the issue and how you resolve it. –> Create index and see table plan where it’s taking more resource and if it’s utilizing index properly or not. But he was not satisfy need some other answer and finally he was expecting to tell him table was very big so that performance was slow so that denormalize the table.
11. What are final class are there in Java
12. Is string is singleton class
13. Why string is immutable
14. What do you mean by immutable and how you make class immutable
15. How you create singleton class and how you prevent it from cloning
16. Where coherence save the data
17. How you were retrieving data from coherence
18. Is coherence is no-sql type cache
19. What are caching framework you have used

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