Face to Face Java Interview Series 44

Face to Face Java Interview Series 44

This is third and last round of face to face interview in Comcast for Java Developer position. Comcast is moving towards RESTFul service and they are trying to expose everything through RESTFul including single sign on, security, validation etc… this is what got an idea from explanation given by the interviewer. Below are the question asked by him:

1. Can you tell me about your project, technical area and what are your main area of work
2. Have you used RESTFul service what API you used
3. Can you list me API which can be used to develop RESTFul service
4. How do you configure RESTFul service
5. How you apply security in RESTFul
6. Have you used securing RESTful APIs with HTTP Basic Authentication
7. What is HTTP Basic Authentication and how it works
8. How you maintain session in RESTFul
9. How you make your service single sigh on
10. How will you validate the users
11. Have you used Jersey APi to develop RESTFul
12. How you test RESTFul
13. What is WADL in RESTFul
14. Can you create constructor in abstract class
15. What is the use of constructor in abstract class
16. How you overload constructor can you write program in white board
17. Why we overload constructor
18. Can you overload constructor in child class
19. What do you understand by overloading
20. What is volatile variable
21. Where you have used volatile variable
22. Apart from multi-threading have you used volatile anywhere else
23. Can you do overloading in child class
24. What is static method hiding
25. What is difference between SOAP and RESTFul
26. What is payload in RESTFul
27. Can you do payload in get method
28. What do you understand by payload
29. Can you do payload in delete
30. Can you do payload in post –> Payload means data which passed inside request body also payload is not request parameters. So only you can do payload in post and not in get and delete
31. How much maximum pay load you could do in post method

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