Face to Face Java Interview Series 45

Face to Face Java Interview Series 45

This is next series of face to face interview with BNP Paribas NJ. There was three round of interview and very first round manager came with resume and asked below questions:

1. Can you tell me about you project what are technology you are using
2. What is ICE and ICE Grid why you have used in your project
3. Tell me different type of SWAP you worked on
4. Tell me one full work flow of data to database of Equity SWAP work flow
5. What are the attributes was there to process the data
6. What are steps you followed in between when saving the trades to database
7. What was trade post processing how you had done
8. How the rules engine (Drools) was involved what kind of rules validation done by you. Can you tell me the flow
9. What kind of tools you used to create domain model as you have written Enterprise Architect

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