Face to Face Java Interview Series 7

Face to Face Java Interview Series 7

This is face to face java interview series 7 for big financial institution on wall street and position was Sr. Java Developer:

1. If you need to store object what will you prefer ArrayList or LinkedList and why ?
2. If you remove element from ArrayList what happens ?
3. If you write your own logger how will you make sure its thread safe and no thread should wait to get lock ?
4. If suppose you have 100 child class doing calculation and finally give data to parent class and its thread safe. Tell during the time parent wait to get result from child how will you make sure parent don’t wait for result and how you will improve performance.
5. How you handle concurrent programming in java ?
6. What is binary tree in java ?
7. What is data structure ? Did you use data structure before ?
8. What is concurrentHashMap in java ?
9. What are classes are available in java.util.concurrent package ?
10. What is HashMap what algorithm use to store data in HashMap ?

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