Face to Face Java Interview Series 8

Face to Face Java Interview Series 8

This is face to face java interview series 8 for Sr. Java Developer position in one of the big financial company in New york. Below are questions:

1. How you sort ArrayList ?
2. How you search element in ArrayList ?
3. Do you know what algorithm used ArrayList to sort object ?
4. Give me basic difference why you use LinkedList over ArrayList ?
5. What lock interface ?
6. How you use lock read only or write only ?
7. Write query to get second highest record from data base ?
8. What is polymorphism and how you achieve polymorphism in Java ?
9. How will you call one JVM to another JVM ?
10. How you have developed web service ?
11. What was your role developing web service ?
12. What is DTO object ?
13. What is value object ?
14. Tell me the steps how you have create web service ?
15. What is WSDL ?
16. If two object are equal will their Hashcode also be equal ?
17. If two object hashcode are same will that object also be equal ?
18. What you do when you override the hashcode ?
19. If override hashcode and generate unique hashcode with random number Is it possible to have same hashcode of two object ?
20. Tell me how you achieve polymorphism ?
21. Which java package and class use polymorphism and what’s you favourite ?
22. What is difference between SOAP and RESTFul web service ?

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