How Find Proxy Name Internet Explorer

How Find Proxy Name Internet Explorer

Now a days development using maven is quite popular and most of the companies uses for enterprise development. Before you start work in maven you will have setup your maven in your developmen environment and if you working on corporate network then they filter connection use proxy server. First thing you will have to do is find proxy server url of your company. Below is details:


  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Click Tools –> Internet Options –> Connections (Tab) –> LAN settings –> In Local Area Network (LAN) Settings

You will see two check box:

  • Automatically detect settings
  • Use automatic configuration script — If this box is checked and Address is there in address bar (Ex: it means it used proxy servers to filter out inbound and outbound parameters. Most of the company keeps many servers url in this and to find exact, you will have to copy http url from address bar and open in any browser you will see file is downloaded once its done, open this file where you will see many URLs:

Mostly proxy name is like and port number will be 8080

Please confirm with you desktop support people what is the exact URL otherwise you could ask some of your colleague who is old in project and once you are confirmed follow this tutorial to setup maven proxy.

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