How add execute window batch file AutoSys

How add execute window batch file AutoSys

To add and execute winow batch file from AutoSys job is same as Unix, only difference is in command section you will have to specify window batch file path location as mentioned in same job below:

Note: Before adding window script and use in AutoSys, its very important to add window machine to AutoSys instance/environment otherwise if machine is not added, you will get machine not found exception. Also if you have other support files in other folder then use absolute path of those folder in your batch file because relative path may not work while using with AutoSys.

  • First create your run script and test it in window environment using command prompt. If its working correctly then add its location in JIL FIle.
  • Create you JIL File:

I assume you have access to AutoSys box and to add JIL file please use below:

$ jil < yourFile.jil

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