Setup AUTOSYS Commands bashrc file

Setup AUTOSYS Commands bashrc file

In this tutorial you will see how to setup AUTOSYS alias into bashrc file and include default instance on your profile on Linux box.


  • You have working knowledge of AUTOSYS
  • AUTOSYS client is already installed on Linux box where you are trying to use AUTOSYS commands
  • You knows about all instances that can be use

What is bashrc in Linux: It’s (.bashrc) a shell script that Bash runs whenever it is started interactively. It’s very useful as you can put any command in this and use in the command prompt. It’s location is always in your home directory and use this command to find it:

# ls -la ~

Note: .bashrc is hidden file

To put AUTOSYS shortcuts into this file:

  • Login to the Linux box
  • Let say you have two instance of AUTOSYS DC1 and UC1 which you want to use and want to setup DC1 as default instance when you logon to Linux box:

  • Save this file.
  • Now to check of it’s setup correctly or not use following commands:

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