Skip Tests Maven

Skip Tests Maven

For denpendency management using maven tool makes easy to manage the project where you can easily do validate, compile, test, package, integration-test, verify, install and deploy. This steps happens in order, means if you just execute install commnad then it will perfrom all previous steps (validate, compile, test, package, integration-test, verify) before executing install command. Sometime you don’t want to do all and would like to skip some of the command which is not needed.

  • Suppose if you want to skip test you could use below where we are setting skipTests true.

  • AboveĀ is project level setting and all the time test will be skipped. You could also skip the test if you are using command line as below:

mvn install -DskipTests

  • If you don’t want to do any of the above setting and just want to skip compiling the test then you could use below:

mvn install -Dmaven.test.skip=true

  • If you want to skip test all time by defualt you could use below:

  • If you want to reenable it in command line while running install command you could use below:

mvn install -DskipTests=false

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