Spring JdbcDaoSupport Example

Spring JdbcDaoSupport Example

In our previous tutorial you saw how to use JDBCTemplate. Today you will see how to use JdbcDaoSupport to make call to the database:

  • Create table to MySQL database: Please use below script to create table and insert sample data for test to the MySQL database:

  •  Insert data script:

  • Create maven project name: SpringJdbcDaoSupport. Below is final project structure:

Spring JdbcDaoSupport Example

  • Class diagram:

2015-01-23 11_11_12-Java EE - SpringJdbcDaoSupport_classdiagram_JdbcDaoSupport.ucls - Eclipse

  • pom.xml:

  • database.properties(Note: Please replace with your database information) :

  •  dispather-servlet.xml:

  • SpringJdbcDaoSupportController.java:

  • SpringJdbcDaoSupportService.java:

  • SpringJdbcDaoSupportServiceImpl.java

  • SpringJdbcDaoSupportSDAO.java

  • SpringJdbcDaoSupportDAOImpl.java:

  • Download project and run on any server below is sample output:

Spring JdbcDaoSupport Example

Spring JdbcDaoSupport Example

  • That’s it for Spring JdbcDaoSupport Example. To find more details on JdbcDaoSupport please visit spring official site here

download Download Project: SpringJdbcDaoSupport

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