Spring MVC download files

Spring MVC download files

In this tutorial you will see how to create Spring MVC application to download files from client interface:

  • Project structure:

Spring MVC download files

  • pom.xml:

  • Dependent libraries:

Spring MVC download files

  • web.xml:

  •  helloWorld.jsp:

  • dispatcher-servlet.xml:

  • SpringMVCController.java:

  • For test configure tomcat server in eclipse using this tutorial. To Run –> Right click project –> Run As –> Run on Server. You will see below page:

Spring MVC download files


  • Click and download file link to download sample CustomJar.jar file:

Spring MVC download files

For more information please read Spring tutorial here:

download  Download Project:  SpringMVCDownloadFiles

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    • @ResponseBody annotation automatically encode object which you return to appropriate format and it’s based on accept header of the request and your mapping example: produces={“application/json”,”application/xml”} and presence of XML or JSON libraries in the classpath.

  1. After downloading, How to get program control back in SpringMVCController.java, so that if I want to do any activity after downloading, can do that.

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