Start ICE Registry

Start ICE Registry

To work with ICEGrid you will have to configure registry where you put all configuration information. Create an ICE configuration file which will hold properties required by ICE registry. ICE registry also needs a subdirectory where it creates databases as you see subdirectory created under folder name: “IceGrid.Registry.Data=C:\JavaHonk\ICE\registry” and below is complete configuration file:

  • registry.cfg:

As you see in the configuration file many end point has been defined and only value of IceGrid.Registry.Client.Endpoints needs a fixed port. This property specifies the endpoints of the IceGrid locator service; IceGrid clients must include these endpoints in their definition of Ice.Default.Locator. The TCP port number (4061) has been used is reserved by Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) for IceGrid registry along with SSL port number 4062.

Several other properties mentioned in configuration file:

  • IceGrid.Registry.AdminPermissionsVerifier: This property controls access to the registry administrative functionality
  • IceGrid.Registry.Data: This property specifies registry database directory.
  • IceGrid.Registry.DynamicRegistration: By setting this property to a non-zero value you allow servers to register their object adapters.
  • To start registry you will have to install ICE server and if you have’t install yet please follow this tutorial then go to :

“C:\Program Files (x86)\ZeroC\Ice-3.5.1\bin” and use command “icegridregistry –Ice.Config=C:\\JavaHonk\\ICE\\registry.cfg” as below:

Start ICE Registry

  • If it start correctly you will see pointer will blinking without any output. You will see more information on console when you start using it. For more information please visit ICE office documentation here.

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