Telephonic Java Interview Series 10

Telephonic Java Interview Series 10. This interview was for Sr. Java Developer.
They were looking for someone with the following “must haves” : knowledge of :

JSF (preferred), Struts
SOAP based Webservices  WSDL
RESTful Services
JQuery, AJAX
HTML5, JavaScript
AppServers : Weblogic v9,v10 and JBOSS EAP v5.x ,6.x
Web Security
JNDI, JDBC, JUnit, Ant
Oracle  Stored Procedures, Functions, Views, Triggers, Cursor, Schema
Core Java (JDK 1.4 and above), Batch Jobs, Multi-Threading.

Good to have:
NoSQL DB  MongoDB(preferred), CouchDB
Spring, Hibernate


Here are questions:

1. What you have done in Java in 3-4 years and which area you are very comfortable
2. How you have restful web service on your project
3. What type of data restful web service support and how did you handle it
4. Are you comfortable with work flow
5. What type of BPM engine you have used to create work flow
6. What point or where you decided in work flow to create sub work flow
7. How you used single big work flow or multiple small work flow
8. Had you used any rules engine for work flow
9. What are all the steps to create work flow
10. Have you created any batch or scheduling job
11. Have you used multi-threading
12. How you have used multi-threading
13. What is concurrency and what issue you face in multi-thread environment and how did you resolve it
14. How you write multi-thread program in Java
15. How comfortable are you in application server and what are all application server you have used
16. What are data base you have used
17. Have you any exposure to write store procedure
18. Were you involved only consuming store procedure using Java or did you get chance to write it
19. How you return data in store procedure
20. If store procedure returns CLOB data how you read in Java
21. What kind of logic you wrote in store procedure
22. How did you return CLOB data from store procedure
23. What are steps involved to write store procedure
24. How did you handle exception in store procedure
25. How do you call DB2 data base in Java
26. What version of web logic server you have used
27. How you have created scheduling multi-thread program in Java
28. How you used JSF in your project
29. What is the use of Rich-faces
30. Tell me work flow of JSF you have used in your project
31. What do you know about LDAP did you do any work in LDAP
32. How you integrated system with LDAP and what kind of system it was.

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