Telephonic Java Interview Series 11

Telephonic Java Interview Series 11

This interview was for Sr. Java Developer position in one of the big financial institution New York city.

Here are the questions:

1. Tell me about your project what you done and what is your expertise ?
2. Have you done web service development ?
3. What kind of web service you have done ?
4. Did you use RESTFul web service ?
5. How have you created RESTFul web service ?
6. What third party API you used to create RESTFul web service ?
7. As you said you have used Jersey to create RESTFul web service what was the reason ?
8. You also said you have used spring MVC then why you didn’t use spring to create RESTFul web service ?
9. How you create SOAP based web service ?
10. Were you involved only consuming or creating web service as well ?
11. Which approach is good Top-down(Contract first) or bottom-up and which you have used and why ?
12. What kind of authentication you have used in RESTFul web service ?
13. How you have created SOAP web service ?
14. Is spring support creating RESTFul web service ?
15. Now let’s talk about Java.
16. What is the difference between Abstract class and interface ?
17. If you are designing the system what will prefer and why ?
18. Why you override HashCode and equals ?
19. What you do when override HashCode in your class ?
20. How HashMap works in Java ?
21. What is hashing ?
22. What is difference between Vector ArrayList and LinkedList ?
23. Have you used LinkedList in your project and tell why you have used it ?
25. What kind of authentication you have used in your project ?
26. Can you implements multiple interface ?
27. As I see you have both hibernate and JDBCTemplate in your project, Tell me which one is good and why ?
28. Tell me what is pros and cons of using hibernate or JDBCTemplate ?
29. What you will prefer Hibernate or JDBCTemplate and why ?
30. How you create Hibernate model class from database table ?

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