Telephonic Java Interview Series 14

Telephonic Java Interview Series 14

This is Telephonic Java Interview Series 14 questions for Sr. Java technical lead position in big financial company. Below are questions:

1. Tell me something about your current project and previous experience ?
2. Have you used web service ?
3. What kind of web service you have used ?
4. What is SOAP based web service ?
5. What is Restful web service ?
6. What is difference between SOAP and Restful web service ?
7. What best way to create web service top down (Contract first ) or bottom up and why ?
8. Which one you used to create web service contract first or bottom up approach ?
9. How you decide architecture of the project ?
10. How you do estimation of the project ?
11. What criteria you choose to do estimation of the project ?
12. What tool you have used to do estimation ?
13. Are you familiar with Microsoft Project ?
15. What is JUnit and have you used Junit before ?
16. What is JUnit and how we create JUnit class ?
17. How you used JMock for testing ?
18. How do you review the code ?
19. Did you any tools to review the code. What are the tools available ?
20. What the best tools to review the code ?
21. What you review in the code ?
22. Do you have any questions for me ?

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