Telephonic Java Interview Series 17

Telephonic Java Interview Series 17

This is Telephonic Java Interview Series 17 questions for Sr. Java technical lead position in big retail company in California. Below are questions:

1. Tell me about yourself and your experience in java ?
2. What was your architecture of your project ?
3. Can you describe how you uses struts in your project ?
4. Can you tell me full flow of struts application how will you configure?
5. What is dispatch action ?
6. What is include action why we use it ?
7. What is lookup action ?
8. What is action forward in struts ?
9. How do you map action class in configuration file ?
10. How you crate action class in struts and what method you override ?
11. What are parameters in execute method of action class ?
12. Do you have experience in integration technology ?
12. How you generate class in hibernate ?
13. What is dead lock ?
14. How fix dead lock situations in Java ?
15. Why deal lock happens ?
16. Have you use multi-threading can you tell me details what you have done ?
17. What is synchronization in Java ?
18. Why you use synchronization ?
19. What are way to do synchronization in Java ?
20. What are module available in spring ?
21. What are module you have used ?
22. What is point cut in spring ?
23. What is Apache camel ?
24. Have you heard about iWay ?

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