Telephonic Java Interview Series 18

Telephonic Java Interview Series 18

This is Telephonic Java Interview Series 18 questions for Sr. Java technical lead position in big wireless company in USA. Below are questions:

1. Can you tell me about yourself and you project you are working on ?
2. What is your strong area ?
3. How will you rate yourself in core Java hibernate and spring ?
4. What is difference between ArrayList and LinkedList ?
5. How HashMap works in Java ?
6. What is caching in Java ?
7. Do you have any experience in caching ?
8. What caching tools you have used ?
9. How you create cache in Java ?
10. What CocurrentHashMap ?
11. Can you concurrentHashMap for catching ?
12. How you set memory if you are using concurrentHashMap ?
13. Can you put memory in local file use concurrentHashMap ?
14. Can you create in memory cache if using EHCache ?
15. Who provide EHCache ?
16. Can you create cache inside JVM when using EHCache ?
17. Have you messaging before ?
18. What kind of messaging server you have used ?
19. How you synchronized message ?
20. If suppose message sending fails what you do ?
21. Have you used design pattern ?
22. How many design pattern you have used ?
23. Tell me two favourite design pattern and details about it ?

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