Telephonic Java Interview Series 2

Telephonic Java Interview Series 2

This is real time Telephonic Java Interview Series 2 questions your next interview preparation.

It’s very easy to get confused in interview without brushing up your technology. Any java interview or J2EE interview for developer role, interviewer starts with question from Java then slowly moves on their project related question and if time permits they will ask some advance questions of theirs choices.

Below java interview question are real time Telephonic Java Interview questions which has been asked from different company and development experience starts from 2 years to 15 years.

  • Tell me about you career and experience
  • What is SOAP
  • What is the format of SOAP message
  • How you handle connection pooling
  • Let say you have two web server and two application server how you handle connection pooling
  • What is singleton design pattern
  • What is decorator design pattern
  • How decorator pattern have been used in Java file classes
  • How you handle session tracking and what is the best way to track session
  • What is struts-config.xml file in struts and what are all the tag you use in this file
  • What are main classes in Struts
  • Tell me your full application architecture
  • How you improve performance of your class
  • How you improve performance of JVM
  • Have you seen any performance leak in your project
  • If let’s say you have problem in SQL query and DBA is saying my side there is no issue and also you see in your code there are issue what do you think where the problem is?
  • How many types of joints is there in database
  • What is surrogate and compound join in database
  • How you have used security in your web service
  • Which is good JSP or JSF
  • If somebody give you to design application what framework you will choose
  • How you used EJB in your project what version of EJB you have used
  • What is auto commit where we use it

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